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We bake and decorate for you, the cake of your dreams, to your specific requirements. You can  either select one of the many cake designs that we have on display on our website where you can view the costs to purchase, or we can personalise a cake that is of your creation. 

With most new creations we would like to meet with you and put together a design and quote based on your ideas and preferences,  as you may wish to have something completely different to what we have produced before....but that is what we love to do. We also offer an online service where I'm more than happy to communicate by email and phone if that is whats easier for you and your circumstances.

Upcoming events


Come and join us for the Grand Opening on Saturday the 6th April 2019.


"Shelleyyyy your cupcakes looked AMAZING at Relay For Life. Glad it was successful for them and most of all for you! You work tirelessly and with such love & passion that it emanates in every cupcake!!<3" Janice Sacco Salvador- a display of cupcakes, slices and delicate small cakes decorated with fondant, buttercream and tiny ladybugs 

"Thankyou so much for the beautiful cake you made! Not only was it too good to cut, but once we finally did-it was to die for !!!!" Lex Kons- a fondant covered cake to mimic a gift box with a bow and silver coloured baby toys 

"Thankyou so much for Anabels cake. It not only looked amazing but it was incredibly delicious too. Well done Shelley xx"  Ana Peixoto-a Beautiful Ladybug 

"Thanks Shelley for Milla's amazing cake! It was gorgeous and tasted delicious!" Melissa Iannazzo - a White Mud Baptism Cake decorated layers of pretty pink ombre frills 

"You did such an amzing job!! And everyone loved the cake. I cant thank you enough for it" DeeAnn Kitchen-a 3 tiered Wedding Cake covered in rustic white royal icing decorated with fresh flowers and 'I do' topper

"Thanks so much Shelley for our sons beautiful birthday cake!! It was AMAZING!" Bec Rogers - elegantly simple stacked cake with white frosting and birthday banner topper

"Thank you Shelley, I had a wonderful birthday and the cake was amazing. Everybody commented on what a great job you did to create such a life like cake. Many many thanks." Jill Randall - a Bouquet Of Cupcakes made from buttercream to mimic roses, hyderanges, and chrysanthemums 

"So fantastic I cant even begin! Thank you so much it was the decapitation that was the highlight of the afternoon"  Seba Brancatisano - Medieval Dragon created with a blood red cake interior covered in shiney green scales 

Current deals

Delicious Macarons and the amazing Mirior Cakes

Latest news

We have been working tirelessly to open our new store 3rd April 2019. We are currently designing the interior and the kitchen and eagerly await the day we can present to you our freshly baked and intricately designs creations. Please contact us with your orders and pre-ordered cakes will be available to pickup from Saturday 6th April. Cakes that require more than a week to prepare may not be available until 12th April. 


Q. How much does a cake cost? 

A. Most cakes are individually designed and require an individual quote to suit the specific details and time required to create it. However there are some cakes that are listed with an exact price and so long as no adjustments are made to the design, the price will remain 

Q. How much notice is required to produce a cake of my design?

A. We would have to discuss with you exactly what type and design you are after which would greatly effect the timeline to produce your cake, but normally we would require at least 7 days notice.

Q. Can you make gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free cakes?

A. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many of my ingredients are manufactured and packed in factories that have allergens on the premises, I cannot guarantee them to be gluten and nut free. However I have created in the past egg and dairy free cakes.

Q. Why are cakes so expensive ? 

A. Every cake I make is made from quality and locally sourced materials where ever possible and made only by me, from the baking through to the decorating. I proudly manage each step of its creation. I will work with you to establish its design and you will be able to, email me and call to discuss any aspect of your design. I will spend hours lovingly attending to every detail, with most cakes taking several hours and some taking many many more over a period of days and sometimes weeks.

Q. What flavour cakes and fillings do you do?

.A. I have my standard white mud, chocolate mud and variations of those with added flavourings.. I can also create other favourites such as mocha, coffee, caramel,  raspberry and white chocolate, orange poppyseed. Fillings can be buttercream or ganache and flavoured to suit the cake. There are many more possible flavours and I'm happy to explore extravagant and exotic flavours with you when you place your order. 

Q. Should I choose sugar flowers or fresh flowers for my wedding cake? 

A. Sugar flowers always look great. They will survive time, most weather conditions and are generally rather uniform and orderly. Fresh flowers look spectacular and are a popular choice however you are generally restricted to their availability if out of season and they require some care so as not to deteriorate before your big event. I find the cost of the 2 similar. Sugar flowers are time consuming to make and require talent. Fresh flowers need their own preparations to render them safe to be placed on the cake, have a limited life span and will require the attention of either myself or another competent  person to place at the time of the event. 

Q. How do I transfer my cake ?

A. Your cake will most likely be quite stable and I recommend carrying them on your lap in the car if they are not too heavy. or on a flat cleared space like the boot or the floor of the car.

Q. How should I store my cake once I get it home?

A. Fondant covered cakes are best stored out of direct sunlight and away from possible disasters, and certainly NO FRIDGE. Buttercream and ganache covered cakes will require the fridge unless it is to be consumed within a few hours. ALL cakes are best eaten at room temperature.. 

Q. How long will my cake last ?

A. Your cake will be ok to eat for up to 3 days after you've picked it up. Cakes, once cut, should be stored in the fridge, however they are best eaten at room temperature so get them out about an hour beforehand to take the chill off them. 

Q. Do you provide cake stands ?

A. Currently I don't however I can direct you to where you may find one to hire. This will require some planning as you'll be required to book in advance, travel to pick up and place a deposit/bond to guarantee return. I intend on stocking cake stands in the near future. 

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit ?

A. For all cakes that are ordered, a 50% deposit is required. 

Q. Do you deliver ?

A. Unfortunately I cannot offer a delivery service however I can open the shop out of hours for a pick up

Q. Should I order a square cake or a round ? 

A. I personally think that a round cake looks better however a square cake is much easier to serve as there is no wastage from edges that end up being only icing unless you cut the smaller cakes into wedges. 

FYI and Definitions

WITH YOUR PREFERENCES AND BUDGET IN MIND, Any variation can be created for your special event.